How it works

WebTalkx >You ask questions, they record answers, you analyze the results and you share with others


Select questions, identify responders, e-mail a link

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Record answers to each question & submit when satisfied


Analyze recording with AI and sentiments analysis, organize results


Select recordings to share and e-mail links to reviewers


  • Develop your own questions or borrow some of ours
  • E-mail questions to one or more people or organizations (responders)
  • Responders then open your e-mail, and click on the link to record responses
  • Responders can review, pause & re-record answers to each question before submitting back to you
  • You review responses, add comments and e-mail links of selected responses to others


  • By developing your own questions you control the content creation process
  • One set of questions can be sent to multiple people or organizations…you are not redoing meetings
  • No need for aligning people’s schedules
  • Responders can thoughtfully answer questions and re-record until they are happy
  • Video recordings ensure everyone sees the same thing – not a summary provided by someone else
  • Recordings can be shown repeatedly as needed and repurposed for other uses


Unlimited use cases – here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask your candidate -> to assess qualification for employment
  • Ask your associates -> to conduct an offline meeting
  • Ask your stakeholders -> for surveys and market research
  • Ask your coach -> for a college reference
  • Ask your teacher -> to help with a problem
  • Ask your boss -> for an employment reference
  • Ask your friend -> for a character reference
  • Ask your landlord -> for a rental reference
  • Ask your client -> for a reference or testimonial
  • Ask a vendor -> to assess qualifications and capabilitues
  • Ask a social media contact -> for a video response to questions
  • Ask yourself -> to record your resume or bio

Seamlessly add WebTalkx to any existing application or workflow

Solution #1: Talent Acquisition

Digitize your candidate interview process

  • Standardize questions based on best practices
  • All candidates have the same experience with the virtual interviewer
  • Responses are recorded for reuse in the process, reducing the need for documentation or interpretation
  • Streamlined process reduces time and effort to hire
  • Broaden your candidate pool
  • Process can be augmented with transcription and AI for additional efficiencies
Compressive authentic references
Solution #2: References & Testimonials

A better way to capture & reuse client references

  • Add WebTalkx to your process to automatically generate a standardized request for a reference at the conclusion of a project
  • References can be secured, if desired, and viewed by invitation only
  • Video references can be transcribed, categorized and searched to optimize reuse
  • Turn your broken reference process into a competitive advantage…even use them before someone asks
Solution #3: The Offline Meeting

Let’s face it meetings can be a pain…even virtual ones

  • Difficult to coordinate schedules
  • Invariably someone important doesn’t show up
  • Need to document the meeting for others
  • Large video meetings can become unwieldy

Instead of a meeting just ask, record and share

  • Prepare questions to ensure the proper content is created
  • People can thoughtfully respond at their convenience (within a requested timeline)
  • Responses can be shared for collaboration
  • Reduces effort and rework
  • Drives to better, quicker decisions
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3 reasons Reference360 “once-and-done” references are 100% trusted



Expert reference interviews are digitally recorded online and replayed in video, audio or written format, making them ongoing strategic assets for your business.



Recorded content never leaves the Reference360 platform. Access is by invitation only. Interviews are 100% verified and if desired anonymity guaranteed.


As a thank you for participating in a reference interview, $100 contribution is made to a charities of your choice.

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